About My Crystal Wands

People always ask me do I believe in the power of crystals? So I explain that with some of my life history. At the age
of four and half I would ride my tricycle with a tray on the back collecting rocks from people’s gardens. I wasn’t 
influenced by anything or anyone and to me I was drawn to rocks. At around eight years old I was already cutting and
polishing rough opals and gemstones and making them into jewellery. At secondary tech school I made up displays of
gemstones and minerals.

At around 20 I had a gemstone museum combined with another business. Then I had a jewellery and lapidary
business in Geelong, then another at Kryal Castle, then another and another and now I have another business
incorporating more gemstones, minerals, fossils, jewellery and sales warehouse being 美国黄色录像,日韩黄色视频.  In between
those all those years I also established Lapidary World and around 40 other websites and groups.

I became a very creative person having written and produced some 124 books in print to date, became a singer and
songwriter (Johnny B) and produced over 20 original albums of my own songs, I produced over 2,000 art works,
designed and make ladies bags and clothing designs on my own "Johnny B" clothing label, written over 2,000
poems, produced over 2,400 videos on YouTube, filmed nearly every town in Australia making Australian Pictorials
and much more.  My music has been used in TV commercials and by other singers all around the world as far away
as Norway.

Personally I can’t answer if minerals and crystals have a power but I can say rocks and mineral have positively
influenced my whole life in one way or another and made me into a very creative person. Will rocks and crystals work
for you I can’t answer that. If you have imagination and a positive belief in things around you then it may have a lot to
do with that I expect. That’s for you to decide. I would say if rocks and crystals make you feel good about yourself then
I’d say it may work in a positive way for you.

About My Crystal Wands

I hand make these by first choosing the right piece of wood. In saying that, it has to feel right to me for that use.  I can’t
explain that in any other way. So every wand I make has to feel right in my hand then I choose a quality crystal piece
which may be an Amethyst, Quartz Crystal, Citrine, Tourmaline or whatever. Again it has to feel right to go with the
timber wand. 

I use a thick conductive copper surround on many for joining each crystal to the timber wand. Everything is fashioned
by me at every stage and again it must feel right or I’ll reject that wand for sale.

They aren’t cheap because I put a lot of work into each piece. They must feel right to me for your use and then I hope
they will feel right to you. I don’t mail order these like some cheap knock-offs because I believe you must feel them in
your own hand first to see if you feel the right connection for you. I don't believe they hold any magical powers and I
make them strictly as a collector pieces.
Please Note: You'll need to come into our warehouse store to see which are left at the time. These Amethyst Crystal wands are all $120.00 each. We have many more than these with large single crystals in them as well