Gifts And Souvenirs
We have thousands of great and very affordable gift ideas!
I'm releasing my range of Johnny B bags now. These are a retro design and have the most comfortable feel you can imagine like holding the hand of your lover. They are warm and fit to your hand like it’s meant to be there. They will only cost $49.95 each and it will most likely be the most comfortable bag you’ll ever own. I’m wholesaling these bags direct to the public as I want them to remain affordable. I personally make these bags myself so if you don’t see my Johnny B label on it then its just not the same.
                                              A Place Of Art And Design

For over 50 years I've been making jewellery and for the last 20 years or so I've been creating thousands of graphic and art designs. So in between writing books, poetry and my original songwriting I do keep pretty busy. Using mostly my own photos and creating graphics from scratch to design a work of art has been a fascination for me. With use of computers almost anyone with a little imagination can create works of art these days.

I produced over a 15 year period and in the course of that work I collected a vast collection of photos from towns to nature. So I thought I have to do something more with my photos so I started creating effects to them to make them different. Sometimes very different things creating real works of art. So today I produce many of these into large canvas wall art for people to have in their homes. I sell them for $75.00 each which is not a lot for an AO sized art work on canvas.  I've put some sample of these arts in the video below.
                                           Our Jewellery

I try and produce jewellery that you rarely see anymore these days using genuine gemstones many from Australia and elsewhere into something special. I use sterling silver, genuine handmade glass beads many of which are made one at a time, vintage beads, red coral, pearls, elk horn and many other interesting things combined to make many individual looking pieces that just simple look special. I was creating jewellery, polishing gemstones and opal from around 7 or 8 years old. Collecting gemstones and minerals too. So we also sell some of those as well. You can see many of these things on the links in the front page index.

                                 Our Collectables

We have a huge range of antiques and collectables mainly in smalls and a very varied range from giftware type items, vintage and antique items. We've tried not to make it too over powering with old rusting junk and leave that to other places to specialize in. We hand pick most of our items to make sure every item is more like a display quality piece you'd like to have in your home or part of your collection.  We've collected many of these items ourselves over the years and they are from our own personal collection too. We also have  a range of art many going back over 100 years in age and again they're hand picked to look good in your home. Drawings, paintings, native art and so much more. When you come into our warehouse you'll find it's like a treasure hunt as we've placed these items throughout the building.
                             Our Gemstones & Minerals

I've always had a personal interest in gemstones and minerals and I know many others are fascinated by by them too so I've place a wide variety in showcases around the building as well. Fossils and some shells as well. Kids love this sort of stuff too and it's a great hobby to get them interested in because it can give the whole family some things to do while on holidays fossicking around looking for stones. Gold panning, digging for sapphires, opal or all other gems of interest can be found around Australia. Over the years my interests have broadened now more into just making jewellery. But when in some old mining areas I still like to fossick around as once it's in your blood the interest remains there for life. I also produce a website called Lapidary World -

Opals I mined myself at Coober Pedy in South Australia.
Quartz Crystals.
An Ammonite Fossil Shell.
Green Quartz Crystals.
We stock some pretty shells too.
I always try and stock some quality vintage Australiana theme collectables too. We also stock some varied native arts as well.
Because we manufacture most of our own jewellery we have a vast range to choose from.
Topaz and Aquamarine loose faceted stones. We also stock diamonds up to 2.5 carats in size in gold rings.
                                      Our Clothing

We sell everything from Kimonos to kids clothing. Our website will show you a lot of our range but it's changing all the time. Beanies, coats, after five dresses, long dresses, jeans, tops work clothing and so much more. We have a massive range and at some of the lowest prices in all of Australia. We sell most as clearance items and many items are sold cheaper than they can be made for. Shoes as well from only $5.00 a pair. Check our website for many more photos:
We make and stock thousands of different earrings in sterling silver and fashion jewellery.
We sell carved elk horn and carved buffalo bone with silver chains added.
We combine all types of materials to make our jewellery different.
1000's of earrings like this only $2.50 a pair.
We stock 100's of Kimonos
and nearly all are different.
A tiny sample of the new clothing we sell.
                                      Our Giftware

Our giftware range is growing as we expand but our overall stock can also be used as gifts as well but I thought I'd show just a few things extra. I've added some prices to show we're pretty reasonable.
Metal trays only $4.00 each.
Other varied designs too.
Red Glass Vases Only $15.00 each.
Genuine Large Quartz Crystal Pendants Only $15.00 each.
We have hundreds of interesting gift ideas like: Music, Socks, Books, Jewellery, Collectables, Clothing and so much more.
Hundreds of shoes to choose from.
This is our fashion label.
Fridge Magnets
All of these works and more have been produced and are available on canvas.
We sell all manner of gemstones, minerals and fossils.