Lapidary World - Gemstones & Minerals

Lapidary World has been trading in Australia for over a decade online and for well over 40 years before that and now has a home store as well at 美国黄色录像,日韩黄色视频 in Millicent South Australia. Sorry we don't do mail order.

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We also buy gemstones and minerals and whole collections if you have an interest in selling them. So just let us know what you have and how much you want for the lot thanks.
We have a couple of large showcases that we have rocks and minerals in for sale.
We make and sell a lot of gemstone jewellery as well.
We sell gemstones, fossils and mineral specimens!
We also manufacture jewellery using many natural gemstones, handmade glass beads, coral, pearls, carved elk horn and much more in our Jewellery Generation factory.
Come and shop in our 400 sq metre warehouse as we have something of interest to most people. From antiques and collectables, new clothing, shoes, bags and much more.
Genuine Quartz Crystal Pendants.
There's also lots of rough gemstones and mineral specimens for sale!
Our Gemstones, mineral and fossil stock varies all the time so these may no longer be in stock. These are just samples of what we may stock at the time.
You'll need to come in to see what we have at the time. Sorry no mail order on any of these.
We have hundreds of rocks, minerals and fossils in stock so just come in to see the current range in our warehouse.
Gemstone spheres come and go all the time and these are just some samples.
These photos may only be of what we had at the time as they come and go with sales and new purchases.
You'll need to come into our warehouse to see what we have at the time. Sorry we don't do mail order.